Friday, January 23, 2009

Zero Degrees: Twelve

Illurra Forest was just like any other forests you can find in that world. It was filled with thick green bushes and tall trees, and some bleak coloured flowers sprouted randomly across the land. Dill wondered how these plants could grow prosperously despite the very low temperature of the climate. Perhaps there's some kind of magic behind it, he thought to himself. As Blaine and Dill moved deeper into the forest, the tune they had heard earlier became more profound. "We're almost there where the path splits up," Blaine voiced out. "We're going to meet the Forest Pixies."

Dill's heart drummed with excitement. This is his first time meeting the illusionary creatures. After a while, Blaine who was in front came to a halt. "Here we are," he exclaimed as he moved to the side. Dill could not believe his eyes. In front of him were what seemed to be hundreds of little pixies fluttering about, singing the music that they had heard at the entrance. The pixies that he saw were little; perhaps only a few inches tall, and they had two butterfly-like wings growing from their back. Other than those similarities, the pixies seemed to have different their own unique appearence. Some had hairs of diffent colour, some even had muscular arms and legs.

When some of the pixies noticed their arrival, they seemed to tune out some kind of signal towards the others and it became silent all of the sudden. Now, hundreds of eyes are locked on Blaine and Dill. Panicked, Dill shot a confused glance at his companion. Blaine just replied with a smile and a gesture that means "all is fine". The sudden silence almost made Dill choke. He saw an elderly pixie fluttered to the front and suddenly boomed, "Welcome!" All the other pixies then began to cheer welcoming gestures and whistled. Dill only managed to reply with give a friendly laugh. It began to get lively again.

"I am the High Pixie of Illurra Forest," the elderly pixie. "Lets just cut to the chase, I sense an aura of urgency among you. Come, this way." The High Pixie then urged both of them deeper into the forest. As Blaine and Dill followed, the other pixies started to sing again. They walked for a few more minutes, before they reach a path that split into various directions. "Let us begin. The Test of Hearts."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Question. Does pixies have different genders? I'm feeling confused about that point. Anyway, good luck to all who are having their tests! Take care. ^^

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