Friday, October 9, 2009

Poetic :: Puzzle Dearest

To my dearest Puzzle,
who is ever so mysterious,
and ever so inviting,
I present to you a bouquet of warmth,
and a series of gratitude.

To my dearest Puzzle,
whose presence is a morning glory,
whose smile seems an eternity,
whose convictions are steel,
whose words are alluring and funny;
I ponder,
in what light
does your eyes cast upon me?

Then came times when there was doubt,
came times when there was confusion,
but you always came at the precise moment,
and melted my heart,
making me think,
making me feel,
making me wonder,
for you are a mysterious Puzzle,
whom I'd like to call
my companion,
my beloved,
my dearest.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: A special dedication. It's been a while since I wrote something, especially poems. Trying my best to achieve the best. Thank you for reading! Take care... ^^

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Singular Sizzle :: Urban Legend (#1)

Rumour has it that an urban legend lurks around the peaceful Pinnacle Town. It is said that it would all begin when someone receives an unknown number, and decides to call it. Of course, I never knew about this urban legend until it occurred to me one fine day.

That evening could have been the busiest moment of my life. A dance was going to be held on Saturday at the school’s main hall, and I had volunteered to help set the place up. Let me remind you, I am not a very hardworking person. The real reason behind me wanting to help up was just so I could be with Diana that evening and eventually ask her out to the dance.

I never imagined working to get a place ready was hectic. Huge banners needed to be hung up, fancy decorations needed to be placed in order, while the tables and chairs had to be carried from the classrooms to the hall. Many had shown up to lend a hand, so the place was quite full with movements and chatters. As I was bringing some chairs inside the hall, my eyes darted around in search for Diana. She was one of the head committees for the event, so she was supposed to be there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Since there were quite a number of people inside the hall, I did not manage to find her.

Disappointed, I slumped the chairs I was carrying into a corner with a huge sigh. As I lazily set the chairs apart, a tap on the shoulder made me turn around. “What’s with the long face Danny?” a girl’s voice greeted me. It was Diana! My heart skipped a beat. Was this fate? I had almost given up on meeting her today and planned to continue my volunteer work half-heartedly. With her suddenly approaching me like that, I got energetic and hardworking again.

“Wow, aren’t you a hardworking guy?” Diana said with a chuckle. Diana had just transferred to my school recently, and she turned out to be the person sitting in front of me in class. So far she has been a very friendly person to everyone. Her short dark hair and those sparkling blue eyes were what made me attracted to her. I began to leave my chair arranging work aside and began to chat with her for a while.

“I’ll see you around then. Work hard!” she waved goodbye when a teacher had called her up to the office. I waved back, grinning as I watched her disappear among the crowded hall. My heart fluttered with content and happiness. This feeling did not last though, since I had forgotten my main purpose of wanting to meet her today. I did not meet her again that day as I continued my work slowly with a frown.

Evening grew late, so the volunteers were allowed to go home. I looked out one more time for Diana before I decided to go back home with frustration. It was a pretty long walk between my house and the school. I usually take up only 15 minutes to get home, but since my pace was rather slow that day the sun was already beginning to set when I reached my house. A cold wind swept by as I opened the gate.

“Mom and dad should be home already,” I murmured as I slid in the key to the door. As I was about to enter the house, I noticed that something was in my uniform’s pocket. Curious, I rummaged my hand inside it. To my surprise, I fished out a piece of paper that was folded neatly. What could it possibly be?

After greeting my parents, I rushed towards my room and started to unfold the paper. Nothing was written on it except for an unknown phone number. I thought this was weird, since I could not remember anyone that could have placed the note inside my pocket without me noticing. At that moment, optimism hit me. Could it be that Diana had given her number to me silently? To be honest, I was not really paying any attention to her actions when we were chatting earlier as I was totally mesmerized by her beauty. I could not even remember what we had talked about.

Without any second thoughts, I dialled the number. My heart raced faster when there was ringing, and I was determined to ask her to the dance this time. When someone picked up, I held my breath. “Hello?” I stammered. There was no reply. “Hello? Who is this?” I said again, but I could only hear silence at the other end. It was rather scary not hearing anything at all, not even breathing. Then, the other end hung up. That’s when things start to get creepier.

As I was heading down for dinner feeling confused over the matter, I could not help getting the hunch that someone was following me from behind. When I turned around, I could only see an empty staircase. During dinner, the lights in the kitchen seemed to flicker crazily for one moment and remained entirely calm the next. My parents took no serious concern over the matter, saying that the house was old and that my dad needed to call the electrician tomorrow. When I headed back to my room after that, I again felt that someone was following me from behind and this time I seem to hear an irregular breathing. Without checking this time, I quickly dashed to my room and locked the door.

For some reason, it was a really silent night. As I was lying there on my bed, I could only hear the sound of the clock and the sound of my heartbeat. It was beating in an irregular manner now. Nothing weird was happening at that moment, but I was still feeling very scared of what had just happened. I thought that the night was still early. When my eyes glanced at the clock, I was very surprised to see that it was almost midnight.

Then, it happened. Just when the clock struck midnight, all the lights went out. I gave a soft yelp of surprise and froze. As I was adjusting to the darkness, I noticed that the lights at my neighbour’s house were also out. There must be a power outage within the area. Finally after I few seconds, my eyes could see the surrounding much more clearly. Then I noticed something weird was moving around on my side.

I held my breath and took a look. It was something black, and it looked like a hand. A hand was creeping itself up on my right arm! I turned my face around, with my heart almost bursting inside. What was that thing? My question was answered when a cold and shrill voice was whispered into my right ear. It goes; “You called me? You called me right? You called?”

I was so scared and surprised that my voice was stuck in my throat. That thing was from the number that I called earlier. That must be it. It must have come because I called it. I never once turned around to see who or what was whispering in my ears. The thing kept whispering and rubbing my arm for a while, when it all stopped when the lights went on again.

I breathed really hard. My eyes were hurt by the sudden blindness. I turned to my side. Nothing was there. Was it still there? Will it come back? I could never know for sure, but one thing is for certain. I could not sleep the rest of the night.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's been a while! A piece written on behalf of Kikuri's request. Getting some urge on understanding more urban legends out there. If you have avy good ones, do tell me okay? Take care now!^^

Monday, May 11, 2009

Singular Sizzle:: Dreams

Can I make a request to the Dream-maker tonight? The lights were out. The stars were not glowing, and the moon was not its usual self. No music were coming from the mysterious garden below, no whispers were coming from the unseen above. Then I shall ask for a dream, for humans must have dreams. For dreams is what builds us into a better person. Can I?

O’ Dream-maker, can you give me a dream? I want to be a hero that saves this world from whatever is conquering it. Provide me with a weapon and a shield, and then put me where it is most dangerous. Do not yet end my dream so quickly, for a hero must not see his end when a different end is still far away. I shall dice and slice all evil, and taste sweet victory as a new dawn arises. I will be a person with pride and strength the next day. Can you?

But wait, I see a boy smiling in his slumber. What is this, Dream-maker? It seems the boy had a more interesting dream. Give me that one instead. I want to be a gentleman that craves for the love of his heart. We are separated by rigorous mountains and vicious seas and extreme thoughts. Make it look almost impossible for us to be together. But make me then, the one to traverse such harsh troubles with a body strengthened by love. By the time I meet her I shall grasp her in my arms, and bring her away to a place where separation only comes when I must return to where I belong. I will be a person filled with love and determination the next day. Can you?

I must get going, but what are these sobs I’m hearing? Dream-maker, a teenage girl is crying with a smile and with her eyes closed. Perhaps it is something good from you. Give me that one instead. I want to be a young maiden in a small room, living with parents who work hard for me. Hunger is my friend by day, and cold is my blanket by night. Fill me with hope, for I am doing my best to change what can be changed. When the turning points finally come, I shall shed tears of joy and hug those who have shared them with me. I shall shed tears of joy and embrace those who have helped me thus far. I have succeeded! I have succeeded! May my shouts does not wake me. But if I do, then I will be a person filled with patience and hard work the next day. Can you?

Silly me, the hours are etching. I must have my dream now. Yet, I am distracted by a man’s laughter. Have I not make up my mind still? I think this is fun, Dream-maker. Give me that one instead. I want to be a man, whose life is dedicated to his arts and to his wife. The stories I write shall amuse the passing citizens. The poems I construct shall quiver even the hearts of kings. My name will rise from one region to another, and let there not be jealousy but inspiration. As dusk drew nearer, make me meet my wife standing by our door. A kiss will be given. A tale shall be told. We would laugh at each other; listening to things we call living. Let it end with us going to bed, only to find myself up with reality. I will be a person filled with dedication and responsibilities the next day. Can you?

I guess that shall be it? No, I think it is not just yet. O’ Dream-maker, you are showing me a woman who is talking in her sleep. I hear her tone, and noticed that it is a tone of contentment. This must be the peak. Give me that one instead. I want to be a mother of two with another one almost coming. Paint a scene of a clean house where I could see the husband sitting on his favourite chair with the children surrounding. “Papa is going to tell you a story, a story about a happy family.” They would listen. I would listen. And I think he is telling a story based on a true event, a story about us. “I think, this is a happy family for me.” Please do not make the dream so clear, for I wish to explore its meaning on my own. Just make me retain that feeling, that I will be a person filled with happiness and satisfaction the next day. Can you?

My nights are left with just a quarter, can I still dream? There is a last something I must recognize, Dream-maker. This person of an elderly state is dreaming with a face of wrinkles and peace. The breathing is slow, yet it sounds alive. Give me that one instead. I want to be an old person, pondering by itself upon the tiny sandy beach which connects with the wide bustling ocean. The stars are bright and the moon is beaming. Make the tunes of nature available; for I shall want to stay there just a little while longer. Make the adventures of humans tail me; for I shall want to see what road have I taken along the way. No, there will be no space for regrets. What done is done, and I’ve done my best. As the last siren from the jetty makes its call, I’m at completion to head on to another adventure. I always know I am not alone; there are things that will follow me then. When the siren ends, let the dream ends as well. I will be a person filled with harmony the next day. Can you?

That is all I think in my request to you, Dream-maker. Let me lay down my head, and I will let you weave your magic. I shall have my sleep and I shall have my dream. I wish away from nightmares and I wish away from night bugs. Without moving an inch, I am drifting away towards my dream...

What? The cock has already given the signal. I did not get my dream, for dawn had come. Then what am I today?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Indulge in my assignment for the subject EDC1206 (Introduction to Literature)! I've sent this as a short story, but madam said it's better as a poem. Haha, anyway...I'm quite satisfied with this piece. Hope the issue in this story can be understood. Enjoy and take care readers! ^^

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dwane VS The Enigma: #9

The person that had knocked over Mr Oliver stumbled towards the carpeted floor of the dining hall. It was a figure of a small boy, and Dwane realised it was the same kid that had bumped into him earlier that day. The boy was now rubbing his head in a rough manner and cried, "Ouch, that's the third time today." As he did this, he remained seated on the floor and stared at all the guests in he dining hall that was looking at him intently. The boy blushed.

"What are you doing running around for Joshua?" an angry voice of Mr Oliver cackled from the doorway. Joshua gulped at this, making an apolegetic glance at the cartaker of the hotel. "You should've known better not to run or skip or skid inside this hotel," Mr Oliver's lecture continues as he picked up Joshua from his back collar, like a stray kittten. Joshua tried to break free, but to no avail. "It was good enough of me for letting you stay here boy."

Dwane did not approve of this action of Mr Oliver. He stood up and said politely, "Mr Oliver, I think he has learned his lesson. Maybe you shold let him go, he looks like he's being strangled." Sara also gave a warm look at Mr Oliver and nodded in agreement with what Dwane had said. Staring at his guests, Mr Oliver let go of Joshua. As soon as his foot was on the ground, he quickly made a dash away from the angry old man. Mr Oliver huffed. "Well, where are your manners Joshua? Introduce yourself to our guests," he urged the boy.

Joshua stood still in front of everyone in that hall before giving a bow. "My name is Joshua," he exclaimed in a cheery voice. "I used to live here in this island, and I really like it here. So, I help out once in a while here in the hotel. I am in your care everyone." As he faced forward again, he received a lot of warm smile from the guests and he blushed again.

When everything was in order, someone came into the dining hall with his hand holding his back. It was Ray! "There you are," Dwane exclaimed. "What happened to you?" Ray gave an irritated look. "A kid knocked me down at the stairs, and I think I hurt my back," he answered. The hall then was filled with laughter. Josha blushed even more.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's still early, but I think the story is going somewhere. May guidance come in its best form. Thank you for reading. Take care!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shot! (special):: Then, They Went Far

The cool breeze of air swept past my cheek, sending shivers down my body. The clouds showed signs that it was about to rain, yet I still remained where I was. Trying to keep warm, I shoved both of my hands into my pockets. I glanced around at my surrounding. One hour had passed since I stood there.

From a distance, I could hear the growls of thunders. From afar, I could catch a few glimpse of flashing lightning. As I continued standing there, drizzles of light rain had fallen on my body. It was chilly. I wanted to find shelter, but my body won’t respond as if time had stopped. Did time really stop? No. Five minutes had passed.

Help, I have probably gone insane! But was there still anyone there among the rain, which could hear my voice? Was there still anyone there, who could pull me back to where I am supposed to be? The rain grew heavier, like piercing ice. Yet despite the pain, despite the agony; nothing changed. I continued to remain there. Seconds passed by.

Deep within my thoughts, I knew. Time really flew by quickly, and it shall never turn back. It was then I realised, they went far away from my grasp. They shall never see me cry as I stood there under the pouring rain. Time goes on.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: People continue to meet with the risk of being apart. Time shall tell when I will meet them again face to face. Perhaps at that moment; we’ve reached the peak. Goodbye Anisah. Goodbye Hajar. Goodbye Hana. Goodbye Odi. Goodbye Amirah. Goodbye Dzaf. Goodbye Zatil. Goodbye Bee. Goodbye Lala. Goodbye Fafa. Goodbye Hani. Goodbye Tasha. Goodbye Sya. Goodbye Dayah. Goodbye Moon. Goodbye Farah.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Zero Degrees: Thirteen

"T...Test of Hearts?" stammered Dill. Blaine who was behind gave a chuckle, went near large tree and sat down. He looked at Dill intently. "Didn't I tell you," he said with a smile. "The path splits here, and one must make a choice in which path to choose. You will choose the easiest path if you have a strong 'determination' in your heart." As Blaine finished explaining this, he stretched his arms and laid his back on the tree. Dill did not understand any of Blaine's actions. "If we have to choose, then why are you relaxing there? Shouldn't we focus or something?"

The elderly pixie twirled itself across Dill's face, looking intently at Blaine who began to sit down comfortably on a large root. Blaine yawned and drew a smile on his face. "Listen Dill. I've been to forests such as these countless of times," he said cheerfuly. "This time, I'll leave all the decision up to you. Perhaps I can also see how strong is your heart's determination." Dill listened to this with mixed feelings. He didn't know what Blaine meant by saying that, and he was certaily feeling some sort of heavy burden weighing on his back. What if my choice is not right? What if I pull both of us into more trouble?

"Dill!" Blaine's voice snapped Dill from his thoughts. "I'll go along with you no matter what the path is," he said with a grin. The elderly pixie who had been watching this whole time tapped it's tiny hands on Dill's shoulder, and said, "Your friend trusts in you young man. Make your choice calmly, and show your determination." Hearing this, Dill began to relax. He then turned his sights upon the many forked roads that lay ahead.

"Right," he whispered to himself. "Here goes." Dill began to close his eyes slowly. He began to recall that in the past, an old man had taught him that determination comes from the heart. The Test of Hearts. Breathe in, breathe out. I am determined to head to Rhodean Town. I am determined to find more of the Script. I am determined, to follow my mother's will even if it will cost me my life! Despite having his eyes closed, Dill could see a faint light in front of him. It was on the left, very far off to the left. "It's there!" he exclaimed as he opened his eyes, and pointed towards the direction where he saw the light. A dirt road was there, stretching deeper into the forest.

Blaine began to get up, and laughed heartily. "Thus our adventures will continue on that road," he said. Dill looked at him and gave a smile of satisfaction.


It had almost been an hour since Blaine and Dill left the fairies at their place. All of the fairies were singing excitedly, when all of a sudden a huge green armour emerged from the forest's entrance. The place was silent again, an the elderly pixie moved towards the frosted body. "My, my," the elderly pixie said. "You still can move under such conditions. What...drives you?" The armour shook and shouted, "BLAINNNEEE!"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dwane VS The Enigma: #8

Evening approached rather quickly that day. Dwane felt that he had only just lay on his bed for a few minutes, but the sun was already setting. Still feeling tired, he forced himself to wake up and head for dinner. A delicious scent was hanging around the corridor as he reached the dining hall, and his tummy began to grumble. "I just noticed I didn't have much for lunch just now," he sighed to himself.

There were only a few people there inside the hall. Dwane noticed Mr Kitaro standing near an open window, intently observing the outskirts of the hotel. He could still feel the tingle of the serious warning given to him that day. He could feel that something bad would happen. Jibakurei. "My, my. You're deep in thought Mr Dwane?" a young woman's voice greeted him from behind.

Dwane came back to his senses and spun around. It was Sara, dressed in a pretty white gown. Her pink lips were more profound without the sunlight around, and her faced seemed to glow even more under the chandelier. She smiled. "Good evening," she gestured. "Good evening," Dwane replied with a smile. "And please don't add 'Mr' while addressing my name. It makes me feel old." Both of them laughed.

"Well, Dwane, it seems like we have a very talented chef in this hotel. The smell is just wonderful," Sara exclaimed as she glided her away towards an empty seat at the dining table. "Would you care to accompany me in dinner?" she asked with a sweet smile. With short bow, Dwane uttered, "Of course." Both of them then took their seat side by side. As they chatted while waiting for food to be served, Mr Oliver came into the hall.

"Food will be ready in five minutes," he announced to everyone. Dwane glanced around. Ray was not yet there. "Did he overslept? Maybe I shoul check up on him," he thought to himself. He then gave his focus towards Mr Oliver who was about to give a short briefing. "For tomorrow's agenda...owwwwww!" he cried in pain all of sudden and fell down. Someone had knocked him from behind. "Joshua!" Mr Oliver roared.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I guess I am really influenced by the 'classical English' style while writing this. Trying to develop as much as possible with the storyline. Well, hope this is enjoyable!

Zero Degrees: Twelve

Illurra Forest was just like any other forests you can find in that world. It was filled with thick green bushes and tall trees, and some bleak coloured flowers sprouted randomly across the land. Dill wondered how these plants could grow prosperously despite the very low temperature of the climate. Perhaps there's some kind of magic behind it, he thought to himself. As Blaine and Dill moved deeper into the forest, the tune they had heard earlier became more profound. "We're almost there where the path splits up," Blaine voiced out. "We're going to meet the Forest Pixies."

Dill's heart drummed with excitement. This is his first time meeting the illusionary creatures. After a while, Blaine who was in front came to a halt. "Here we are," he exclaimed as he moved to the side. Dill could not believe his eyes. In front of him were what seemed to be hundreds of little pixies fluttering about, singing the music that they had heard at the entrance. The pixies that he saw were little; perhaps only a few inches tall, and they had two butterfly-like wings growing from their back. Other than those similarities, the pixies seemed to have different their own unique appearence. Some had hairs of diffent colour, some even had muscular arms and legs.

When some of the pixies noticed their arrival, they seemed to tune out some kind of signal towards the others and it became silent all of the sudden. Now, hundreds of eyes are locked on Blaine and Dill. Panicked, Dill shot a confused glance at his companion. Blaine just replied with a smile and a gesture that means "all is fine". The sudden silence almost made Dill choke. He saw an elderly pixie fluttered to the front and suddenly boomed, "Welcome!" All the other pixies then began to cheer welcoming gestures and whistled. Dill only managed to reply with give a friendly laugh. It began to get lively again.

"I am the High Pixie of Illurra Forest," the elderly pixie. "Lets just cut to the chase, I sense an aura of urgency among you. Come, this way." The High Pixie then urged both of them deeper into the forest. As Blaine and Dill followed, the other pixies started to sing again. They walked for a few more minutes, before they reach a path that split into various directions. "Let us begin. The Test of Hearts."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Question. Does pixies have different genders? I'm feeling confused about that point. Anyway, good luck to all who are having their tests! Take care. ^^

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Zero Degrees: Eleven

The road to Rhodean Town was a long one. It would take almost a day if you plan to travel by foot; since it's not a straight forward route and not a safe one either. To get to the town from Crusco Island, one must walk their way along Sanki Beach for about half an hour until they reach a rocky pathway leading into Illurra Forest. Inside the forest, one will be magically given a set of path to choose; all leading to the same destination he or she wishes to go to. Having a strong 'determination' in the heart is the key in making that choice; either the route would be an easy one, or filled with numerous obstacles those following the route must face.

Both Blaine and Dill had already left Crusco Island, and they were now walking silently along Sanki Beach. It was not that they had nothing to talk about, but the sudden drop of the temperature and the slight snowstorm that had came made them focused entirely on getting to the forest immediately. There was no room for any energy to start a conversation. Blaine kept his pace in stealth, while occassionally keeping a careful eye on Dill who was having trouble keeping up with him. Dill on the other hand made rough movements in his steps, and was trying his best to breath and look up ahead at the same time. The snowstorm began to rage stronger.

"We're almost there!" yelled Blaine as he pointed up ahead. Dill stopped in his tracks, took a deep beath, looked up, and saw a huge green forest in the distance. He would not have been able to see the forest so clearly if there weren't any light shining from inside it. Must be fireflies, Dill thought. I'm sleepy.... "Dill!!" Blaine's voice boomed, making Dill snap back to his senses. Blaine was standing in front of him, looking worried.

"I'm okay! Come on!" Dill said with much energy, and began to head towards the forest entrance with Blaine. As they reached the entrance, both of them could notice a faint tune blowing their way. The melody was harmonious, and invited a certain warmth inside them. Blaine gave a smile of relief. "This is the Pixie's Melody," he said to Dill, who seemed to be searching for the source of the sound. "Haha, stop looking around. We'll meet the singers once inside." With that, Blaine and Dill made their first step into Illurra Forest. They did not notice the huge shadowy figure who seemed to slowly drag it's body following them. "B...BLAINE!"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ah, it's been a while. It took me quite some time to construct this, since I was writing it with pretty much distraction. Sorry! Hehe, at least I produced something today. The story begins to develop, so await the next entry for this title. Until then, take care!! ^^