Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shot! (special):: Then, They Went Far

The cool breeze of air swept past my cheek, sending shivers down my body. The clouds showed signs that it was about to rain, yet I still remained where I was. Trying to keep warm, I shoved both of my hands into my pockets. I glanced around at my surrounding. One hour had passed since I stood there.

From a distance, I could hear the growls of thunders. From afar, I could catch a few glimpse of flashing lightning. As I continued standing there, drizzles of light rain had fallen on my body. It was chilly. I wanted to find shelter, but my body won’t respond as if time had stopped. Did time really stop? No. Five minutes had passed.

Help, I have probably gone insane! But was there still anyone there among the rain, which could hear my voice? Was there still anyone there, who could pull me back to where I am supposed to be? The rain grew heavier, like piercing ice. Yet despite the pain, despite the agony; nothing changed. I continued to remain there. Seconds passed by.

Deep within my thoughts, I knew. Time really flew by quickly, and it shall never turn back. It was then I realised, they went far away from my grasp. They shall never see me cry as I stood there under the pouring rain. Time goes on.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: People continue to meet with the risk of being apart. Time shall tell when I will meet them again face to face. Perhaps at that moment; we’ve reached the peak. Goodbye Anisah. Goodbye Hajar. Goodbye Hana. Goodbye Odi. Goodbye Amirah. Goodbye Dzaf. Goodbye Zatil. Goodbye Bee. Goodbye Lala. Goodbye Fafa. Goodbye Hani. Goodbye Tasha. Goodbye Sya. Goodbye Dayah. Goodbye Moon. Goodbye Farah.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Zero Degrees: Thirteen

"T...Test of Hearts?" stammered Dill. Blaine who was behind gave a chuckle, went near large tree and sat down. He looked at Dill intently. "Didn't I tell you," he said with a smile. "The path splits here, and one must make a choice in which path to choose. You will choose the easiest path if you have a strong 'determination' in your heart." As Blaine finished explaining this, he stretched his arms and laid his back on the tree. Dill did not understand any of Blaine's actions. "If we have to choose, then why are you relaxing there? Shouldn't we focus or something?"

The elderly pixie twirled itself across Dill's face, looking intently at Blaine who began to sit down comfortably on a large root. Blaine yawned and drew a smile on his face. "Listen Dill. I've been to forests such as these countless of times," he said cheerfuly. "This time, I'll leave all the decision up to you. Perhaps I can also see how strong is your heart's determination." Dill listened to this with mixed feelings. He didn't know what Blaine meant by saying that, and he was certaily feeling some sort of heavy burden weighing on his back. What if my choice is not right? What if I pull both of us into more trouble?

"Dill!" Blaine's voice snapped Dill from his thoughts. "I'll go along with you no matter what the path is," he said with a grin. The elderly pixie who had been watching this whole time tapped it's tiny hands on Dill's shoulder, and said, "Your friend trusts in you young man. Make your choice calmly, and show your determination." Hearing this, Dill began to relax. He then turned his sights upon the many forked roads that lay ahead.

"Right," he whispered to himself. "Here goes." Dill began to close his eyes slowly. He began to recall that in the past, an old man had taught him that determination comes from the heart. The Test of Hearts. Breathe in, breathe out. I am determined to head to Rhodean Town. I am determined to find more of the Script. I am determined, to follow my mother's will even if it will cost me my life! Despite having his eyes closed, Dill could see a faint light in front of him. It was on the left, very far off to the left. "It's there!" he exclaimed as he opened his eyes, and pointed towards the direction where he saw the light. A dirt road was there, stretching deeper into the forest.

Blaine began to get up, and laughed heartily. "Thus our adventures will continue on that road," he said. Dill looked at him and gave a smile of satisfaction.


It had almost been an hour since Blaine and Dill left the fairies at their place. All of the fairies were singing excitedly, when all of a sudden a huge green armour emerged from the forest's entrance. The place was silent again, an the elderly pixie moved towards the frosted body. "My, my," the elderly pixie said. "You still can move under such conditions. What...drives you?" The armour shook and shouted, "BLAINNNEEE!"