Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shot! :: She Asked "Why?"

A mysterious air hangs itself around it. As I walked across the empty hall, my every senses captured the sensation. My eyes could see it lingering, my ears could hear it calling; and I could've swore the mystery was touching my skin, tugging me towards it. Where? Near the 'unused staircase'.

Our family had used that nickname ever since my parents owned the house. The stairs were not built steep, and it was quite short for its size. It seemed to lead itself towards an empty extension of the house. From where I was standing right now, I could see the inside of the room; completely bare. Perhaps small animals accomadate the area, but no one could make it certain.

It is quite a mystery, as to why we never use the staircase. Ever since I was small, I always saw my parents walking about the stairs; but never setting their eyes on it. It was as if the stairs were ignored, as if it was not part of the house. I'll make it clear that this was no hallucination I'm having. My siblings could see it, and my 3 year old daughter could see it. And my parents were the one that came out with the name 'unused staircase'. But why has it been ignored, being unused?

Despite the strong mysterious aura the stairs were emitting right now, there was also a spark of loneliness. The spark of wanting to be acknowleged, the spark of wanting to be cared for. I took a step closer. Why am I feeling this now? Even after so long living with it in the past. Another step closer. I was at the foot of the stairs. I'll solve the mystery now, I'll destroy that depression now. Here I go, making my first step!

"Why have I never seen anyone using this stairs?" asked my daughter who came out of nowhere. The feeling I had a while ago suddenly vanished. I looked at her, her curious eyes glistening among the sunlight. I smiled. "Perhaps there was a reason, my dear daughter."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's been a while, but here I am adding another piece to my writing collections. I was attracted by this picture not only by the picture itself, but also the title Dwane put on the picture too (do check it out on his Flickr, the link's on my main page). I intended to make it into a ghost story, but then it turned out into some sort of story having a few issues to reflect on. Hope you guys get my message of the story. Happy New Year all...!!

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