Monday, November 10, 2008

Once Upon A Cherry Tree (Pt.2 of Ch.1)

Surprised, the girl glanced at the window sill and smiled. "Good morning Little Robin," greeted the girl as she put her right arm forward. The bird tilted its head a little, uncertain as how to react. It chirped once again before spread its wings and flew out of the little girl's sight. The girl sighed as she closed her book. She got out of the rocking chair, stretching both of her arms as far as she could. Feeling satisfied; the fair-skinned girl skipped across the room towards a large mirror, which made her long dark hair swayed in rhythm.

"Good morning to you too, Selina," she giggled as she pointed her delicate index finger at her own reflection. It's rare to find young kids nowadays appreciating themselves with a warm greeting so early in the morning. Selina already understood that the person you spend most of your time with is yourself; so why not take some alone time when the day was at its fresh and be nice to your own self? Selina always thought it made her feel good.

Of course, in Selina's case, she completely understands this since she was almost always by herself no matter what time it was. Being the only child in the family, she does feel quite alone. Her father had died because of an illness, her mother was always busy with the company and she even attends home school which make her making any friends rare. Perhaps Selina's loyal companions were books; and nature would sometimes also play its role as her bestfriend.

Selina made one final stretch before she slipped herself into a more comfortable clothing. She had decided to spend the day making an excursion through the hills. After fitting a pair of dark coloured gloves, she exited her room and jovially glided towards her mother's room.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yay! I finally found this series' manuscript, so the story will go on. Though lately I lack the 'classical' influence, hope I can maintain the style I'm using to write this title. Until next time folks~ ^^

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Kikuri said...

Good piece! Naturally... Love the descriptions..