Monday, May 11, 2009

Singular Sizzle:: Dreams

Can I make a request to the Dream-maker tonight? The lights were out. The stars were not glowing, and the moon was not its usual self. No music were coming from the mysterious garden below, no whispers were coming from the unseen above. Then I shall ask for a dream, for humans must have dreams. For dreams is what builds us into a better person. Can I?

O’ Dream-maker, can you give me a dream? I want to be a hero that saves this world from whatever is conquering it. Provide me with a weapon and a shield, and then put me where it is most dangerous. Do not yet end my dream so quickly, for a hero must not see his end when a different end is still far away. I shall dice and slice all evil, and taste sweet victory as a new dawn arises. I will be a person with pride and strength the next day. Can you?

But wait, I see a boy smiling in his slumber. What is this, Dream-maker? It seems the boy had a more interesting dream. Give me that one instead. I want to be a gentleman that craves for the love of his heart. We are separated by rigorous mountains and vicious seas and extreme thoughts. Make it look almost impossible for us to be together. But make me then, the one to traverse such harsh troubles with a body strengthened by love. By the time I meet her I shall grasp her in my arms, and bring her away to a place where separation only comes when I must return to where I belong. I will be a person filled with love and determination the next day. Can you?

I must get going, but what are these sobs I’m hearing? Dream-maker, a teenage girl is crying with a smile and with her eyes closed. Perhaps it is something good from you. Give me that one instead. I want to be a young maiden in a small room, living with parents who work hard for me. Hunger is my friend by day, and cold is my blanket by night. Fill me with hope, for I am doing my best to change what can be changed. When the turning points finally come, I shall shed tears of joy and hug those who have shared them with me. I shall shed tears of joy and embrace those who have helped me thus far. I have succeeded! I have succeeded! May my shouts does not wake me. But if I do, then I will be a person filled with patience and hard work the next day. Can you?

Silly me, the hours are etching. I must have my dream now. Yet, I am distracted by a man’s laughter. Have I not make up my mind still? I think this is fun, Dream-maker. Give me that one instead. I want to be a man, whose life is dedicated to his arts and to his wife. The stories I write shall amuse the passing citizens. The poems I construct shall quiver even the hearts of kings. My name will rise from one region to another, and let there not be jealousy but inspiration. As dusk drew nearer, make me meet my wife standing by our door. A kiss will be given. A tale shall be told. We would laugh at each other; listening to things we call living. Let it end with us going to bed, only to find myself up with reality. I will be a person filled with dedication and responsibilities the next day. Can you?

I guess that shall be it? No, I think it is not just yet. O’ Dream-maker, you are showing me a woman who is talking in her sleep. I hear her tone, and noticed that it is a tone of contentment. This must be the peak. Give me that one instead. I want to be a mother of two with another one almost coming. Paint a scene of a clean house where I could see the husband sitting on his favourite chair with the children surrounding. “Papa is going to tell you a story, a story about a happy family.” They would listen. I would listen. And I think he is telling a story based on a true event, a story about us. “I think, this is a happy family for me.” Please do not make the dream so clear, for I wish to explore its meaning on my own. Just make me retain that feeling, that I will be a person filled with happiness and satisfaction the next day. Can you?

My nights are left with just a quarter, can I still dream? There is a last something I must recognize, Dream-maker. This person of an elderly state is dreaming with a face of wrinkles and peace. The breathing is slow, yet it sounds alive. Give me that one instead. I want to be an old person, pondering by itself upon the tiny sandy beach which connects with the wide bustling ocean. The stars are bright and the moon is beaming. Make the tunes of nature available; for I shall want to stay there just a little while longer. Make the adventures of humans tail me; for I shall want to see what road have I taken along the way. No, there will be no space for regrets. What done is done, and I’ve done my best. As the last siren from the jetty makes its call, I’m at completion to head on to another adventure. I always know I am not alone; there are things that will follow me then. When the siren ends, let the dream ends as well. I will be a person filled with harmony the next day. Can you?

That is all I think in my request to you, Dream-maker. Let me lay down my head, and I will let you weave your magic. I shall have my sleep and I shall have my dream. I wish away from nightmares and I wish away from night bugs. Without moving an inch, I am drifting away towards my dream...

What? The cock has already given the signal. I did not get my dream, for dawn had come. Then what am I today?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Indulge in my assignment for the subject EDC1206 (Introduction to Literature)! I've sent this as a short story, but madam said it's better as a poem. Haha, anyway...I'm quite satisfied with this piece. Hope the issue in this story can be understood. Enjoy and take care readers! ^^


Kikuri said...

Cool piece of writing.... Really enjoyed this one...

Can you write this essay for me?
End your story with:
"I could not sleep the rest of the night"....

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Thanx in advance!

Anonymous said...

ben, tumpang lalu. hehe =p