Friday, March 13, 2009

Dwane VS The Enigma: #9

The person that had knocked over Mr Oliver stumbled towards the carpeted floor of the dining hall. It was a figure of a small boy, and Dwane realised it was the same kid that had bumped into him earlier that day. The boy was now rubbing his head in a rough manner and cried, "Ouch, that's the third time today." As he did this, he remained seated on the floor and stared at all the guests in he dining hall that was looking at him intently. The boy blushed.

"What are you doing running around for Joshua?" an angry voice of Mr Oliver cackled from the doorway. Joshua gulped at this, making an apolegetic glance at the cartaker of the hotel. "You should've known better not to run or skip or skid inside this hotel," Mr Oliver's lecture continues as he picked up Joshua from his back collar, like a stray kittten. Joshua tried to break free, but to no avail. "It was good enough of me for letting you stay here boy."

Dwane did not approve of this action of Mr Oliver. He stood up and said politely, "Mr Oliver, I think he has learned his lesson. Maybe you shold let him go, he looks like he's being strangled." Sara also gave a warm look at Mr Oliver and nodded in agreement with what Dwane had said. Staring at his guests, Mr Oliver let go of Joshua. As soon as his foot was on the ground, he quickly made a dash away from the angry old man. Mr Oliver huffed. "Well, where are your manners Joshua? Introduce yourself to our guests," he urged the boy.

Joshua stood still in front of everyone in that hall before giving a bow. "My name is Joshua," he exclaimed in a cheery voice. "I used to live here in this island, and I really like it here. So, I help out once in a while here in the hotel. I am in your care everyone." As he faced forward again, he received a lot of warm smile from the guests and he blushed again.

When everything was in order, someone came into the dining hall with his hand holding his back. It was Ray! "There you are," Dwane exclaimed. "What happened to you?" Ray gave an irritated look. "A kid knocked me down at the stairs, and I think I hurt my back," he answered. The hall then was filled with laughter. Josha blushed even more.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's still early, but I think the story is going somewhere. May guidance come in its best form. Thank you for reading. Take care!

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