Friday, October 9, 2009

Poetic :: Puzzle Dearest

To my dearest Puzzle,
who is ever so mysterious,
and ever so inviting,
I present to you a bouquet of warmth,
and a series of gratitude.

To my dearest Puzzle,
whose presence is a morning glory,
whose smile seems an eternity,
whose convictions are steel,
whose words are alluring and funny;
I ponder,
in what light
does your eyes cast upon me?

Then came times when there was doubt,
came times when there was confusion,
but you always came at the precise moment,
and melted my heart,
making me think,
making me feel,
making me wonder,
for you are a mysterious Puzzle,
whom I'd like to call
my companion,
my beloved,
my dearest.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: A special dedication. It's been a while since I wrote something, especially poems. Trying my best to achieve the best. Thank you for reading! Take care... ^^


Mardhihah said...

im puzzled! hehehhe.. nice work dan!

clumsy said...

nice poem..
u sud write more..n more...n moree!