Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shot! :: Pick Me Up

What treasures will you find if you delve deep, deep into your family’s storeroom? Or stalk around your family’s attic? Surely dust will fly around like haze, blocking your sight ahead. Surely the different smells will rise like the result of a failed chemical experiment, warning you that something ugly might be lurking around. Being the brave person you are, you still continue to explore with the hope of finding something unique to keep.

There on the floor was an opened photo album, probably from half a century ago filled with interesting old pictures with fascinating stories behind them. There on a rotting shelf was a rather heavy metal box, and as you opened the lid you saw a handful of trading cards probably belonged to your father. And there beside a large mirror was a chest, inside it a huge collection of clothing. Despite the dust, you tried something on and it fits you just perfectly!

But what will you keep? What will you take back? There’s just too much your little body could take. Even if you were able to take all, nothing would be left to explore another day. As you pondered about, you hear something. It scared you at first, but you realised that the voice was speaking directly to your heart.

Pick me up! Pick me up!

You turned around towards where the voice was coming from, and saw a guitar. You remember this guitar. You remember it so well, that your heart skipped a beat as you glanced over its filthy body and strings. It was your guitar, a guitar that had been your company in the past. You never seemed to realise that it has been forgotten, and was left here in the dark. What kind of memories have you made with this guitar? You picked it up, smiled, and decided to take it back to reconcile with its melodies. Perhaps it will help you remember.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: In our life, many things come our way. Sometimes they are kept close with us always, and at times some are locked away to be forgotten. And some may have been thrown away, never to be retrieved again. This doesn’t apply to items or stuffs we have, but also our memories. If you delve deep into your heart, what kind of treasured memories will you find?

I didn’t really like the ending of this, but I don’t know what change to make. Oh well, hope you enjoyed it. The picture is taken by one of friends Rafi, and his other works can be browsed at the following link: [ ]. Thank you Rafi for letting me use this picture, and I hope I can borrow more later. Haha, until next time, take care readers!

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Muhamad Rafiuddin Wahidon said...

nice! n thanks for using my photo =) write more! X)