Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shot! (special):: Kay Kay Bee

Once upon a time in a land called Kay Kay Bee lived a group of young teenagers. They were all energetic, hot-blooded and intelligent. However, not one person had the same personality as the other person. Everyone was unique in their own way. And their uniqueness was what brought them together for many years as they moved towards a bigger goal and vision.

Life on the land called Kay Kay Bee was sometimes sweet, another time it was sour, and only a few moments were considered bleak. This group of people never escaped the great essence of attaining experience; especially new ones. Some experienced the tingling feeling of being far away from their homeland, and some experienced the excitement of lurking in the dark. Some got to know love closer, and some got to know themselves better. But what all of them shared in common, was the experience of close friendship.

Remember that one time when all had to gather at the dining area and do additional maths? Remember that one time whenever history paper was on the next day it would black out? Remember that one time when there was that delicious nasi lemak and fried rice sold every night? And remember that one time when some prayed on tar?

Despite the great things that were there, life on Kay Kay Bee was never meant to be forever. Some wished that it would go on for just a few more moments, but there’s a greater journey ahead for all of them. Packing their way towards the unknown future, the heart feels heavy to leave. What would life be when all are separated? One thing’s for sure; one day they’ll meet up once again somewhere along the way.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: InsyaAllah we will meet again someday! I know it's already been a month since the grand gathering at Penang, but I've only received some inspiration to write about it today. First and foremost thank you to the organizer (Abang) and the main committees. Thank you also to all who participated, you guys rock! Hope next time many more will join in.

Finally, whatever has happened I still love all of you from high school. You guys are my inspiration. Thank you for reading, happy Ramadhan! =D

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ben,karya ko memang terbaek!!-gigo-