Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poetic :: Long Live Roxanne! (Days Without You)

It is here,
My days without you,
Where things in place,
Are not entirely exactly,
Where stuff are said,
Are not entirely exactly,
For I am a trapped haiku.

"The blaze surrounds me,
The thump grows louder again,
I am alone now."

Long live Roxanne!
Long live Roxanne!
They would hail all night,
While I am there outside the lines,
That the flame of memory and resolve,
Shall never fade.

Long live Roxanne,
I will whisper and wave,
And smile and cheer on,
And walk away.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's been a hectic week, but I finally managed to materialize my part of the activity (sorry for the delay Kak Zaty). Anyways I'm not that good with a haiku, so instead I decided to merge it with a normal form of poem. It was difficult but I hope I pulled it off. It felt like forever re-drafting this one since I kinda felt so apart with this title, but somehow what I'm feeling now is in sync with this piece and I'm happy it turned out the way it is. Enjoy readers, see you guys again! Sorry for blabbering, ciao~

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