Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poetic :: Rhythm of Friendship

This is for you my friend
A bright star fallen from the sky
Giving warmth that knows no end
No matter when I smile or cry

This is for you my buddy
A soothing drop of potent potion
Reminding me to stay strong and steady
And shout my troubles out to the ocean

This is for you my ally
An everlasting memory in my mind
Just so you know I'll always try
To never ever leave you behind.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: An urgent request from a best friend gave birth to this simple piece. Simple as it is, I still think this looked good. To all readers and friends out there, let's cherish all the simple moments that we have faced and take some rest from the various complexities we are facing. Until next time (wonder when that is), take care!

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Munira Shaari said...

suke bace your writing..please produce more n more