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Singular Sizzle :: Close

13:40, July 2017

It's hard to trail away from our own memories as one walks through nostalgic grounds. Even though some of the thoughts might not be as pleasing, our brain just jump starts and you'll be having slide shows from the past. At some moments, some may begin to think why such memories still linger.

Summer had arrived. In order to escape the heat, many city dwellers opt to spend their weekend inside a shopping mall. Sophie had her schedule free for the entire day, so she decided to go down to Amazon Mall. She had this sudden calling to come to the mall, even though it was quite a long time since she last came here. Sophie noticed that the parking lot was slightly larger, and the building looked a little different. As she made her way through the entrance, she roughly calculated that there may have been a gap of two years. It was not like the place was far from her home; she just didn't have the usual company she always had two years ago.

Walking through the ground floor was already a stroll down memory lane for Sophie. She remembered how much she and her usual company would stop by the candy store to get some jelly beans. Then she would have to wait for that person to browse for magazines as they came across a bookstore. Finally before going up to the first floor, it was that person's turn to wait as Sophie had to try on some new set of beauty products.

As she rode up the escalator, her lips curled up into a mini smile. Nobody could have noticed, but Sophie knew that the recollections she was having made her feel less lonely. And somewhat relieved. "I'm glad I came here after all," she mumbled as she headed to a favourite place that belonged to her and her long lost company. The place was called The White ice cream shop. She remembered how much that person begged her to have some ice cream there the first time they met. And once she had a taste, even until today, Sophie thinks that it was the best place ever to get some cold treat.

The line at the counter was long as usual, so Sophie decided to wait a while at a vacant table. Her mind began to wander a bit; thinking how much she misses this place and how she kind of misses that person too. "I wonder where he is right now?" she thought.

Some people say that words were prayers. And most believe that sometimes it is answered immediately. Sophie had a shock when a hand waved right in front of her dreaming face. "So it was really you Sophie. Remember me?"


17:35, February 2015

"So Darryl, tell me about your dreams," Sophie asked as they sat down with their large scoops of delicious ice cream. Darryl scratched his head a bit before answering. "You mean last night?"

Sophie rolled her eyes. "No you silly. I mean your hopes, your future prospect or whatever else people call it."

It was a chilly weekend. The area had just finished a massive downpour, and despite the cold Darryl still insisted that they go out for ice cream. "It's more interesting this way," he explained. Not that she really understands what that means, but Sophie too had the urge for some cold bite.

"Dreams, let's see," Darryl began to think as he licked part of his vanilla flavoured scoop from his spoon. "Well you know I like arts, so my dreams are kind of along those lines. Probably my dream is to dream a lot everyday." Sophie who was listening wiped a bit of her strawberry smudge from her chin. She sighed and answered, "I don't even know if that makes any sense."

They both laughed. The topic ended there, but Sophie knew that Darryl was far from finished. She knew that he was somewhat still thinking about it. That night she received a text from him that went: "If there are ever dreams worth anything; I want you to be a part of it."


14:18, July 2017

Sophie could not believe it. Here she was, eating ice cream again with Darryl. It was almost two years since they really talked to each other, and now that they are face to face words seem to fail them. They had small talks about their life progress, work, family. At certain point they would remain silent, immersed in their own thoughts, smiling discretely.

"What happened with us?"

"I don't know. You suddenly went far."

"And you suddenly weren't as close."

"I wonder where all the magic we had went."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: After watching '500 Days of Summer', this sort of inspiration was born. I always believed that every meeting and relationship with someone (be it with families or friends) is magical in it's own ways. Let us pray that the path we're on are the ones we choose, leaving no regrets. Take care!

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