Friday, October 31, 2008

Zero Degrees: Ten

"Well, at least everything's okay now," huffed Blaine as he placed his katana back into it's sheath. The spider he was battling just now was writhering without any legs on the ground; apparently he had chopped them all off. Slick, green blood oozed slowly out of the hacked limbs colouring the white snow. Blaine turned his view towards Dill. "That was some nice moves there, kid."

Dill was sprawled on his back as he was exhausted from casting the Script. "Thanks. I'm beat," he complained. Blaine just smiled and went near him. "I never got to know your name kiddo," Blaine said as he kneeled beside Dill, putting both his hands on top of Dill's body.

"It's Dill," Dill replied, looking rather confused at what was happening. "And what are you doing, mister...?"

"Just call me Blaine. Now hang on," Blaine said in a rather serious manner. His hand glowed. "I'm not really good at healing spells, so you might feel a few tinglings inside." He then began to chant an incantation. Dill who could barely move his body, felt a sudden wave of heat entering his body. It was quite comfortable at first, but the heat began to tickle him from inside. "Ahahaha, stop. Please," Dill squirmed in laughter. He sat up, and began hold his laughter.

"There you go," Blaine grinned in amusement. He stood up and began to look around. "There's supposed to be a town near here somewhere. Let me escort you there where you can get some rest." Dill stood up as well. The heat inside his body had vanished. "Um, okay," he replied. "Thank you, but there's a place I need to go immediately."

"Where to?" Blaine asked, still observing his surrounding. "To Rhodean Town," Dill answered. This made Blaine looked surprised. "That's where I'm supposed to head to as well."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's been a while readers! Well, I have been busy moving stuffs to my new house and had no time to write here online. But here I am again, ready for writing. If you didn't know...I lost my manuscript for the story "Once Upon a Cherry Tree" (which I feel extremely sad about) so that story will be frozen until further notices. Enjoyyy this piece then!

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