Monday, September 29, 2008

Dwane VS The Enigma: #6

Fourty-five minutes later, all aboard the Minerva Cruise arrived at Riho Island. The yacht was docked at a small jetty by the shore, and everyone gathered in front of a tall lighthouse. Dwane who got off early took a good look of the island's surrounding. It was just as described in the ad; greens were everywhere, colouful flowers were arranged neatly; nature really did a good job in making the place nice and peaceful. Dwane's heart skipped in excitement. He seemed to have forgotten all about his worries back on the ship.

A tap on his shoulder made Dwane spun around. Ray was holding his heavy-looking luggage rather weakly, swaying from one side to the other. It seemed he still looked pretty dizzy after the trip. Dwane laughed as he grabbed the luggage when it almost slipped from Ray's hand. "Haha, let me get that for you. Man, your bag sure is heavy. What did you bring?"

"Just some personal equipments," Ray replied in a weary tone. "I'd want to have my own fun here too you know." Though Dwane did not quite understand, he gave Ray a friendly pat on the back to make his companion feel somewhat better. Both of them laughed in unison. They then quickly made their way into the gathering crowd. Captain Lawrence was up front as usual, but this time he was accompanied by an elderly man beside him. This man was quite the contrast to the captain. He was quite thin, fragile and rather gloomy. He wore a solemn face as he faced the people in front of him.

Captain Lawrence, with his usual cheery smile; grabbed the people's attention with a booming cough. "Ehem...welcome everyone to the Ghostly Land! Or Riho Island if I'm not mistaken. I'd like to introduce here your guide for the rest of your four-day stay here, Mr Oliver," the captain had said this with full of spirit and energy. Since he was being introduced, the man called Oliver bowed. His face was still solemn. When the guide stood straight again, the captain continued his speech. "I'll be staying here at the lighthouse with the crew until the day we head back home. If any emergency comes up, don't hesitate to approach me or Mr Oliver here. Now, I'd like to invite Oliver to give his briefing."

Another briefing, said Dwane to himself as he yawned. He saw Oliver took a step to the front and stared sharply at the people around him. With a slow yet serious voice, the elderly man said, "One rule here on this island: never ever set foot into Vallery Mansion's area."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Alright, finally another entry. Raya had came with a blast; everyone was there and I seem to be much closer with my cousins. This makes me more fired up in chasing my dreams. Maybe one day I'll write a fiction with my cousins as the main characters? Hehe...but I'll be relaxing a while from my working table. Until next time then, enjoyyy...!

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