Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shot! :: It Could Be...

It could be my knee. My jog around the park today turned disastrous when I suddenly fell down, dragging my body for almost a meter downhill. As I tried to stand up, I felt someting running across my thighs. Bleeding. My knee is bleeding. Taking out a handkerchief, I braced it on the bleeding spot hoping the blood will stop. What was the thing that I tripped on? I was certain that it was some kind of plastic bottle, but why was it there on the ground?

It could be the wind. Maybe the bottle was blown away from a nearby trashcan. It's just not my lucky day today. After the pain had subsided a little, I decided to call it a day and slowly made my way home. The cool breeze that accompanied me made the pain subside even more. Hey, perhaps Nature was comforting me; assuring me that it would all turn out okay.

It could be love. Nature is showering her love towards all humans today at the park. Children were laughing happily, old folks were chatting comfortably. The breeze seemed to welcome all these positive effects. I smiled, and thanked God for creating Nature so peaceful and serene. As I approached a row of trees, I gasped in surprise. Under the trees were thrashes; loads of them. How disrespectful.

It could be a nest for wild animals there. Filling it up with garbage, can the animals continue to live in harmony? I guess, we humans never really made it up for what Nature has given us. We never could care less. What's important is that we live in peace, and not them. I sighed. Perhaps tomorrow, my friends and I can help out cleaning the place. A group of dark clouds began to brew in the sky.

It could be that Nature is just waiting to unleash it's anger.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've got to admit, this was hard to do. This piece was re-written twice before I got satisfied. There were supposed to be monkeys and all, but it had to b dropped out. Well, the issue here is 'do not litter'. Nature has done so much, is this how we want to repay them by littering? Think about it. It could all work out if we try our very best. Enjoyyy..!! ^^


Kikuri said...

I really adore this entry. I love some expressions u used thruout the entry. A perfect sample essay for my students!

damha said...

dude,ur getting ada tempias struktur ayat melayu aku

DANS said...

To kikuri:
Thaks! Hope ure students like it too...^^

To damha:
Haha...yup2. Telah di-influenced sket with ure style..