Monday, November 10, 2008

Dwane VS The Enigma: #7

Mr. Oliver had finished his simple briefing fifteen minutes ago. All guests were then brought by a few servants towards an old yet sturdy hotel. Its black paint glimmered amongst the piercing sunlight behind the clouds. With his camera in hand, Dwane took a quick shot of the building. "Man, this trip's going to be exciting," he said excitedly at Ray, feeling satisfied with the picture he just took. Ray smiled. "Glad to hear that buddy."

Inside the hotel, the guests were given the keys to their room. Since there weren't more than 30 people that was going to stay there, everyone got their own single room. "Mine is on the first floor," informed Ray when he got his keys. "Where are you going to stay?" he asked Dwane who was looking at his key irritatingly.

"203, second floor," Dwane sighed. "I really don't want to climb the stairs. This old hotel surely doesn't have any elevators." He turned his head around, expecting himself to be wrong. Ray laughed. "Well, maybe later you can try and swap with someone. Come on, I need some rest before dinner."

Both of them made their way up to their room. Outside, the clouds began to grow thicker by the moment and blocked almost every bit of sunlight that was trying to pass through. This made the hallway gloomy and quite eerie. It must be much creepier at night, Dwane thought to himself. As both of them reached the first floor, Dwane handed Ray back his bag and arranged that they would meet up later during dinner. He done treaded the stairs quicly towards the second floor.

As he was about to turn into a dark corridor, a small figure bumped into him. Dwane almost fell backwards down the stairs, but he had swiftly caught the side handle in time. The thing that knocked him however tumbled to the floor with a loud thud. " where you're going mister," a kid's voice cried in pain. The kid was holding his head for a long time, before he stood up again and skidded down the stairs. Before he dissapeared, the kid shouted, "I guess it was my fault, sorry mister. Got to go!"

It all happened so fast that Dwane did not have any time to react. As he gained his balance, he pondered for a moment. Who was that kid?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Kids nowadays are energetic and swift! One moment they fall on the ground, one moment they are running around wild. Haha, here's this series update for now. Things are getting confusing and mysterious; even I need to re-write my manuscript a few times. What's done is done, enjoy!!

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