Friday, August 29, 2008

Dwane VS The Enigma: #1

Ring, ring, ring...

"Pass the ketchup..."

Ring, ring, ring...

"No, not that again...zzz..."

Ring...the phone went dead. The caller had probably given up, or perhaps was ready to try again. It was already 2 a.m. Quite late to be expecting a call. The moon illuminated itself upon an apartment room where the phone had rung. Someone, a man was sleeping on a bed; rolling over occassionally, talking in his sleep. The ringing had somehow made him annoyed, as his blanket was tossed aside rather roughly. Then, the phone rang again. This time, the person woke up. He answered the phone groggily.

"Hello," said the man in a dry manner. His eyes were almost starting to close again, when an excited and loud voice replied over the receiver. This made him startled. He was suddenly wide awake. "Hello! Dwane, Dwane. This is Ray. What were you doing just now, not answering my call?" a male voice boomed. Irritated, Dwane replied sarcastically, "Guess."

Ray however, did not realise Dwane's tone and thought that he was joking. This made Dwane even more irritated. He had a very tiring day at his workplace, and was quite angry that his rest was disturbed. Dwane then said to Ray, "If it's not an emergency, I'll promise you won't have any peaceful sleeps for the rest of your lives." His tone was much clearer this time.

His friend remained silent for a while, before apologizing for disturbing his sleep. " need to sound mad. This is important. Did you remember that you asked me to find a place with a beautiful and unique scenery?"

"Yeah," Dwane replied. "I thought you gave up?"

"Tsk, tsk. That was before I stumbled up this ad. It says that there was going to be a four-day trip to an empty island, where the view is guarenteed to be breathtaking. They say that the people there had all migrated elsewhere inthe past because something happened. The place had been in Nature's hand for twenty-five years! Hey, there's a unique view for you. There are not many empty towns you can find these days."

Dwane listened with full attention. He paused for a while, trying to decide. Indeed the description Ray had told himmade him interested, but he was afraid that the ad was bluffing. He had always been passionate in photography ever since college, and Ray had helped him find locations for his love for digital art. Ray was a professional when it comes to pick a spot. Dwane had trusted him ever since their first meeting. This time, he would believe in him as well. "Okay. I'm in. Can you sign me up?" Dwane replied with a grin.

After a few short conversations, Dwane hung up. He was quite elated over the news of the trip. He was feeling wide awake now, and noticed the beautiful glow of the moon. He snatched his camera from a drawer, and snapped the picture.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: To all Dwane's fan, here's his entrance to the story! Hehe...ready for more? Wait okay. Just enjoyyy this release first!!

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Kikuri-hime said...

Nice piece.... can't wait for the next ep.