Monday, August 18, 2008

Zero Degrees: Prologue

Crusco Island was freezing as ever that day. The temperature was obviously near 5 degrees Celcius, and snow fluttered around in a sort of twirl. A snowstorm was expected to rage later, thus not a single soul was seen moving about. Near the edge of the beach, almost at the top of a steep cliff stood a magnifecent oak tower. The tall tower glistened under the dim sunlight, radiating a sort of mystical energy.

A violent wind began to blow its way around the cliff. At a distance; a figure began to approach the base of the tower quickly, carefully. The humanly shadow took a glance to its back at almost every second, as if someone was following it. As the figure reached the base of the tower, its physique became more and more prominent despite the fact that the snow was already fluttering wildly. The body was short and quite small, its movement displayed youth and energy. The human wore a simple yet thick white snowcoat, a white snowcap and covered the eyes with a pair of dark goggles. It huffed as it let its gloved hand touch the entrance of the tower.

"It's here. Finally," it was the voice of a young male. The boy then gave its hand a strong push, opening the huge entrance of the tower. He expected the wooden door to be quite heavy and immovable, but he managed to swing it wide open in one push. With a smile of relief, the boy made his way into the tower.

"Well, it's quite warm and comfortable in here," thought the boy to himself as he closed the door behind him. The tower's base was wide and the floor was probably made of some kind of warm stone. A beautiful set marble staircase was located at the edge of the wall, and a few round small windows were arranged all around the tower. The young boy took a quick glance around and shifted his goggles to his forehead, revealing a handsome face with a pair of green eyes.

"Okay Dill, this is it. Lets go look for the Script," the boy mumbled to himself, assuring himself with confidence. Dill then took out a piece of paper from his coat and went through it carefully: 'Attaqurra Tower attic, beware of spiders.'

He stared at the staircase. No spiders were around, and he assumed that it was safe to proceed. As he was about to make his way towards the stairway, Dill heard some voices from outside. He made an annoyed face. "Damn it, they chased me down here."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry for the delay, but my first story for this blog is finally up! This title is under the 'action/fantasy' genre, and those of you who like the scenery of snow would enjoy this piece. I'll try to update this story once a week at most. Do look out for updates at []! Thank you for reading and enjoyy!!!


ahmadridhwanazmi said...

u need details man. n try writing in a first person view sometimes. cant wait for the next.

DANS said...

haha..details have always been a weakness. First person view pon sama...need more practice..

Kikuri-hime said...

This is so overwhelming! How I wish i could write like this. Keep up the good work. Ganbatte, ne!