Friday, August 29, 2008

Zero Degrees: Three

"What is there to whisper,
than the whispering chill?,
Land will be taken,
Land will be bare,
Be careful..."

The mysterious person begins to sing the lyrics of the tune, and his voice echoed the vibrating warmth all around the insides of the tower. Dill was only able to capture the alluring voice, quite young and serene. "It's a male," thought Dill to himself. Thanks to this guy, Dill had escaped the threats from Take. He continued to listen.

"Who are you?" repeated Take to the still singing guy. The man was quite tall, having an innocent face and perhaps was quite older than Dill in age. A simple attire was attached to the mysterious intruder; wearing a black coloured jacket, dark jeans and a grey scarf. His eyes were glassy, reflecting a bit of the glowing dim light. The man grinned. "Take the Topaz, Tako the Emerald. I know you, but you don't need to know me. Or maybe you already have heard about me? Want to know what happened to Taku the Sapphire?" The man giggled.

Take eyes grew bigger in shock. "Blaine the Razor!" he roared, and blasted his Blade Chop in an instant. The scene was covered in smoke once again. Dill could see nothing anymore, but he continued to hear more blasts from beneath. "Uh, I wish I could help..." he murmured. But then he realised, he could help if only he managed to get the Script. Since he was no longer in Take's attention, Dill got up and continued to scramble up the stairs as quickly as he could.

The sound from the base of the tower continued to get wilder. Dill finally reached a door at the end of the steps, and opened it without hesitation. The door led him inside a room filled with lots of dusty crates. Cobwebs were everywhere, Dill had to wave his hands all around himself to push them away. Something glimmered from within. Dill focused his view. A treasure chest lay almost hidden behind a small crate; golden and untouched by any specs of dust. "It's in here," he whispered excitedly, drawing closer to the chest.

Dill didn't realise, that a loud creak sounded itself from the ceiling.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Totally late in updating! I was really busy and tired with an exciting graduation, added with some official business to do then. All in all, the third chapter of this title is out! Got to focus. Enjoyyy...!

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