Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shot! :: Dremless, Colourless

Morning arrived as usual that day, as promised. Not a moment early, not a moment too late. I ponder at the magnificent flow of time; always keeping their track straight in precision. I had nothing to do that day and decided to stroll down the quiet village path on my trusty bike. The clock struck, signalling that it was 7.30 a.m.

It was a soundless, colourless morning. No jolly chirps of the birds, no provocative whispers of the wind, no golden glimmering of the sun. Even the trees looked grey and weak. It might have only been my own imagination; but I realised I had no right to imagine, to dream. What I'm feeling must be real. I pressed on and came to a halt at a pipeline. Some kind of strong urge inside me was telling that I should stay.

Sitting on the pipe, the background grew dimmer. My mind was blank. There was nothing to think about, nothing to do. I'm not much of a big dreamer as I just go with the flow. What was there for me to dream about? My life had been decided, and I never thought of any unrealistic views of the future. What use is there for people to go abroad than what they are capable off. It was foolish, wasn't it?

As I sat there, I saw an old man approaching the pipe. There was a certain shine in the man's face, it glowed with a smile. He stopped in front of me and greeted warmly. "It's such a fine morning. What are you doing here just sitting?" the man aked. Mechanically, I replied, "There's nothing for me to do sir."

"Not even thinking? Dreaming?" the man said rather coolly.

"There is nothing for me to think about sir. It's been decided that I'll be taking over my father's farm, and I accept it. Nothing to think, nothing to dream," I said solemnly.

The man's smile widened. It was so calming. With a pat on my shoulder, the man said, "It's never too late to dream. Dreams are what drives us, dreams are what colours us. With no dreams, our life will be painted colourless. Never lose hope. Humans can actually achieve more than what they are capable off. Oh, and you're lying when you said you were not thinking. Haven't you been thinking about yourself lately?" With this, the man said goobye and left.

He was right. This dullness is the result of being dreamless, colourless. I remembered how colourful it was when I was young, wanting to achieve the things that I want. Eventhough my dreams are gone now, I noticed that the pipe was blue! Time to continue my life with dreams and work hard to achieve it.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I don't know what the hell I wrote about, but I hope the main message is received by you readers! Hehe, I'll improve better on my pictorial stories. "Shot!" will be a part of my writings based on pictures. Right now I'll be borrowing pictures from Dwane's, please Dwane? =P

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DANS said..., okay. Though I'm not sure

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