Monday, August 25, 2008

Shot! :: Teachings of a Homeless

It was already 4 a.m. The journey back home was tiring. The bus was poorly maintained and the roads were crooked. I only managed to doze of for just a brief moment, being wide awake most of the time. Being exhausted, I decided to get home as fast as I could. As always, the shortcut. The dark silent back-alley.
The alleyway was far from normal, as any other usual nights there. The eerie silence seemed to burst my ears, and the waltzing shadows made my heart jumpy. But it is worth the risk. Time, energy; all could be saved. I quickened my pace, someone seemed to be following me. *Pat, pat*... Who could it be on such a night? No more nonesense, time to get home.
Was life during the night as dark as this? All seemed insecure, all seemed lost. I thought I was already used to the dark surroundings, but it seemed to engulf me even deeper and deeper each time I settled down with it. What was incomplete? What was not there? *Pat, pat*... The sound was still there, faster this time. It's chasing me!
Help! My voice was gone. This darkness is suffocating. I thought this was the shortcut I always go to, but why is it taking such a long time. The thing was already behind me, breathing with energy. Am I going to be caught? Then there was a light! Glowing dimly, yet surely. I began to run as fast as I could, forgetting my tiredness.
There under the light, was a man sleeping soundly on the floor. How brave of him, doesn't he know that weird things are happening here? I huffed and halted, the thing behind me was gone. Was it because of the light? My sound and abruptness seemed to awaken the poor man. He looked up to me grogily and said, "Chap, what were you doing in the dark there?"
"I...wanted to get back home through this shortcut," I explained. "And there's something chasing me just now." The man, dressed in ragged clothes, looked up meaningfully. He yawned. "What are you doing? I thought no one in this world would go through the darkness to ease things up. I guess such people do exist. Listen chap, always stay within the light. Eventhough it means sacrificing yourself. Because once you step into the darkness, fear will always come and chase you no matter how strong you are." With that, the man went back on the floor and snored.
I was wrong. No matter how used I am in the dark, it'll always get stronger next time. I smiled. As I made my way towards home, I thanked the man as his figure grew distant and small.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: The moral is, don't succumb into the 'dark' ways! Haha...guess I still don't know what I'm rambling here in this story. But I hoped I managed to give a tingle of suspense to you guys. Don't let your fears chase you! If you can't help it, run! Haha...enjoyy.
p/s: Actually, it's not good to run away from your fears. Thank you Dwane for the amazing picture!


Kikuri-hime said...

Thanks for this piece. I really enjoyed reading this. I simply adore the visual imagery u used to describe the situation... Good! Tulislaa lagi yeeee... heheheh..

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger....

ahmadridhwanazmi said...

huahua..dude..tell me if u need another pic..or if u want to request it or anything..i'll try my best to take a pic within the themes u ask for..

DANS said...

To Hime...
Haha, thanks for the compliment. I think I used too much visual imagery though. Guess that's the purpose of 'Shot!' entries..hehe

To Dwane...
Oh? You are willing? up would be on Independence Day. I thought of Tugu Negara or something, but I think you can capture something more interesting for a piece!