Monday, August 25, 2008

Zero Degrees: Two

Dill was only half-way through the tower's stairs when he heard an explosion from down below. He took a gulp, feeling the strong aura emitted from his chasers even though he's quite far away. It was good that he thought to sealed the door and made his way up as quickly as he could. Confronting such strong enemies was useless now. He would be nothing without the Script. "Hope they are still stalling," wished Dill silently, staring cautiously at the flowing dusts below. With a huff, he continued to hop up the stairs as swiftly as he could.

"Not so fast, brat," cried a rough voice from below. Chill ran down Dill's spine. He glanced at the dusty scene below and noticed a glistening ray of a yellow spectrum. An armoured arm was stretched out pointing directly at where Dill was standing. "Dodge," said the voice in a snicker as the hand swayed downwards, making it look like it was cutting air. Dill noticed the killer intent of the cut, and dodged the invisible attack just seconds before impact. Nothing seemed to happen at first, before the few steps in front of him exploded into pieces.

The dust had cleared, and Take stood there at the base of the tower locking his eyes on Dill. "Hehe, I suggest you don't move little kid. I already have you locked on, any move forward and my Blade Chop will hit," the threat sounded shrill, Dill was left motionless. The huge Tako then came into view, and took a look at their trapped escapee. "I guess we got him," said the green guy rather calmly.

"Tako, go and seize him," ordered Take. Tako nodded. He was about to take on the stairs, when a whistling tune made him turn his head towards the entrance. Even Take turned to look. The tune grew louder and louder. It was the tune of the ancients, Whispering Chill. Dill heard this, and tried his best to see what it was. But he was already way up the tower and could see nothing. He only saw that Take was no longer focused on him, but had already turned his way towards the entrance. "Who are you?"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well, it's quite short but I'm satisfied. Hehe...continue to wait for the next episode! Enjoyyy!

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