Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Zero Degrees: One

"He is here Tako," cried a yellow armored man.

"I guess so, Take," responded a green one next to the yellow.

Both Take and Tako were in front of Attaqurra Tower. Because of the white snow, both of their attires stood out. Take's yellow armour made of topaz was reflecting the sunlight quite vibrantly, while Tako's huge emerald green armour made him look like a pine tree in the middle of a snowstorm. Their faces could not be seen as their heads were also covered with a unique headpiece, only their human eyes could only be seen. Both of their capes fluttered furiously, following the path of the raging wind.

Tako who was the tallest among the two, took a peek inside through the round windows. He could see nothing in the dim lighted tower base, except for a few tables and the flight of stairs. "I guess he's hiding," Tako alerted Take, who had already circled around the tower once. He too did not see anyone outside the area. "He should already be at the top of the tower," said Take.

"I guess," shrugged the green. He shifted his body in front of the entrance. With his huge hands, he tried to push the door open. But it didn't budge. "Huh?" cried the confused Tako. He pushed the door over and over again, but nothing happened except for a few rattles and creaks. Tako began to get impatient. "Huhhh?"

"It's that brat," said Take calmly. "How dare he defied our orders and escaped from the village when he was supposed to stay put. The officers there couln't even stop a kid, and calls our assistance. We got better errands to do, right Tako?" The green Tako was already rattling the door with both of his hands. "I....GUESSS!"

With a huge roar, Tako unleashed a strong aura from both of his palms and broke the door into pieces. Dust and splinters flew everywhere. Both of the armoured men just stood silently, not bothering to block any peices that were flying towards them. Take then giggled, "Hehe, I wish your personality was as sure as your strength Tako. Lets find that brat." They both then entered into the tower.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Haha, I never really planned in creating these guys so forgive me for the weird and confusing names! But it goes with the storyline, I hope you guys enjoy this new release. So fast right?


Kikuri-hime said...

OMG!!! You r such a talented writer. I'll be looking foward for your next piece...

Thanx for visiting my anime page. I don't receive many visitors though. I guess not so many peeps r into animes...

DANS said...

Haha..thank you! Yep,I guess ure right..not many are into animes.