Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dwane VS The Enigma: #2

The sun shone so brightly, that Dwane had to wear a cap to avoid the heat and light. He was at De'luva Port; an exclusive port near his hometown, waiting for Ray to show up. Many personal yacht and cruise ships were lined neatly by the port's huge jetty. Since the summer holiday was near an end, owners of the ships mostly had decided to finish it off with their family at home. A wave came softly, and rocked the boat in unison.

It has been exactly a week since Ray's call informing Dwane about the empty island. He had met up with Ray the next day, receiving some forms needed to be filled in. Dwane had taken a look at the ad himself. There were very few pictures of the place in it, but Dwane seemed to be satisfied. The ad had told him that this is not everything on the island and many unknown places are yet to be discovered. This piqued Dwane's interest, as he enjoyed the thought of an exploration.

Dwane glanced at his watch. Almost 11 a.m. Participants were supposed to gather at the port by that time, where a ship was supposed to take them there. He had been waiting for at least ten minutes, and only six people were there. He didn't take much notice at first but a staring elderly man; bald and casually dressed in a plain shirt and shorts, made him became cautious and uncomfortable. He tried to avoid the stare and think of something else. Dwane thought of the island. He thought of the emptiness. What could have drove people away from such a place? Was there something else that the ad didn't inform? It may just be his imagination, but Dwane was feeling chills.

Shaking his head, Dwane tried to shift his mind into other things. He realised that the man that had been staring at him, was now looking at a young woman in shades. Is this man a stalker? Dwane sighed, and took a glance at the woman. She was wearing shades and and a large hat. She had long hazel hair up to her shoulders, and her white blouse and long skirt seemed to reflect the blinding sunlight. What took Dwane by surprise, the woman was not annoyed or scared at the staring man. Instead, her pink lips drew up a smile.

"Sorry I'm late," cried a well known voice from behind. Ray had finally showed up, just a minute or two before eleven o'clock came. Dwane looked around him, and saw that some people were showing up creating a medium sized crowd. Dwane held his bagpack tightly. "What took you so long?" Before Ray could answer, a loud whistle made everyone there turn their heads. "Welcome everyone to the Minerva Cruise!" welcomed a rough voice cheerfully.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hoho, added in a few mystery styles of Gosho Aoyama in making his manga 'Detective Conan'. All in all, the storyline is developing. Hoorayy...! Now, I can relax as I sip some hard-cold apple juice. Enjoyyy!!!


ahmadridhwanazmi said...

how do you switch from fantasy fiction to a normal one?..dat is so cool dude.

DANS said...

Eh? Haha..this does sound quite normal, I guess it's under normal fiction. Still a fiction, can't really write a non-fiction piece..hahaha

Kikuri-hime said...

Whoa!.. it's like im watching a black & white detective movie.....