Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zero Degrees: Four

Take huffed irregularly. He had gone all out on his attacks, blasting away at the base of the tower. Dusts were still flying around. Take could only see Tako standing next to him, in a stance ready for any counter attack. A strong cold wind suddenly blew in, clearing the dusty atmosphere quickly. Both Take and Tako stared cautiously in front of them. A human shadow was standing there.

"My, my..." said Blaine, scrapping debris off his shoulders. "So aggressive. But it would've been effective if it hit right?" The floor around him was in a deformed shape. Marks of what looked like huge blades had scarred most of it, only a few parts managed to stay unharmed. Blaine examined the floor. "Well, I pity the floor though. You could've attacked slowly, you know?" He grinned.

"You..." snarled Take, trying to steady his composure. He was always the calm one among the Stone Guards, but somehow he was quite shaken by Blaine's taunts. "What's going on here? The air feels different somehow," thought Take to himself. He was no longer in his battle stance as he stared carefully at his enemy. Only Tako seemed ready for battle. With a sigh, Take said, "Well Blaine, it seems like you're at an disadvantage. You may have a chance in a one-on-one fight, but there are two of us here now. I'd might just let you slide, if you were to leave here quietly."

Blaine took no notice of the threat thrown towards him. His eyes were locked on the stairs. Only he had noticed the rattles that were coming from the stairs. Something...huge was on its way down. He frowned. "I think gentlemen, we may need to change our battleground outside," said Blaine as he pointed towards the exit. Both Take and Tako did not understand.

In an instant, a loud crash was heard. Dill seemed to have stumbled down the staircase hurriedly, hitting his body over the nearby shelf. His face clearly showed deep fear. "! Spiders!" he yelled, running towards his enemies and mysterious rescuer. Another loud crash was heard; this time, two huge spiders were chasing Dill from behind!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I thought of ghosts to chase them, but then I thought that Dill would've been caught in an instant if it were ghosts. Almost entering fifth part, I'm so proud of myself! Hehe, enjoyyy..!


Kikuri-hime said...

I can't wait for the next one!

This is definitely a remedy for me after grading my students' trial (spm) essays!

DANS said... makes me feel glad that my writings are 'stress-free' arts! Is it really that stressful, grading I mean? *wandering*