Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shot! :: Cloudy, Cloudy Indolence

"Atmosphere: Humid
Temperature: Warm
Air: Still
Day: Cloudy"

It was the only thing I wrote that day, as I lay upon the grassy field with the notebook on my chest. I stared blankly at the sky; so cloudy, so still. There was no wind blowing their cheerful whisper, and there was no cool with its provoking bites. Nothing. Where was everything?

It mattered not, I'll enjoy this indolence. I've always been too worked out in thinking. This time I'll let it rest, this time I'll let sooth. As the picture of the clouds pour into my eyes, I see its shapes change. One moment a plant, the other time an animal. I did not know what it was, but who cares anyway? I told you I'd enjoy this indolence.

"Brother, brother. It's up! It's up!" cried the little children playing around the centre of the field. I stood up to watch, the end of the pen in my mouth. Ah, they were playing the kite. A sister and her younger brother. It seems the wind had came for them; to make them move about, to make them smile. But why am I still enjoying this indolence? I'm always crazy to write, but not today. I'm always full in my head, but not today.

And the day before today, and the day before that. This indolence all began to fill my heart, ever since you went away. Far, very far precisely. Not long ago we would play out on the field, out in the river, out along the sky. Since then, only this cloudy indolence had been my company. Where are you right now, I wonder.

Then suddenly, mother called out from home. I glanced at my house. My mother was smiling. "Your sister called, she's coming home today!" My heart skipped a beat. Picking up my stuff, I gazed once again at the sky. There was a shape of a duck. My world began to move yet again, away from indolence.

"Atmosphere: Humid but comfortable
Temperature: Warm and cool, mixed up
Air: Still, yet with little signs of movement
Day: Cloudy and creamy"

Now that's more like it!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Err, I wonder what kind of theme this story relates itself to? Maybe a type of 'family/siblings' kind of themes? Haha, tell me what you think dear readers. But my day has really been in indolence. Got to keep up the pace. Thank you Dwane for another wonderful picture! Keep it up with spirit. Enjoyyy...!!


DANS said...

Err...silap! The cloud shows a shape of 'angsa'! Not duck...haha, angsa dlm melayu apa ek?

ahmadridhwanazmi said...

swan kot..n angsa is already in malay..haha

Kikuri-hime said...

I think it's goose kot? But i believe swan is much better. Good entry... seronoknye if i could lay on the grass right now.... hmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

i sense "ode to indolence" somewhere.