Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dwane VS The Enigma: #3

"Right this way ladies and gentlemen," exclaimed a chubby middle aged man towards the gathering people. "My name is Lawrence. Captain Lawrence. Please, if you would step up to my beloved Minerva we an get to our pretty island as soon as possible." With that brief introduction, the man pointed towards a large blue yacht where a bridge had already been lowered. People began to make their way without any further questioning.

Dwane began to make his way too. Ray however, needed confirmation. "Excuse me captain," he asked as he approached the captain. "But is this the ship headed to Riho Island?" Dwane was quite startled when Captain Lawrence roared into a hearthy laugh. "You bet. Not many ship's out on a cruise today see," replied the captain warmly. "Maybe dear Minerva is the only one availabla today. Oh, so that's the island's name is it? We here call it the Ghosly Land."

Even though the captain said in a rather warm manner, something made both Dwane and Ray shiver upon hearing the nickname. "Um," Dwane wanted to ask something but he hesitated. Thanking the captain, they both made their way towards the yacht.

At least 20 people were up on the deck. Everyone had boarded in, and an inmate had already brought up the bridge. Captain Lawrence was now standing at the middle of the crowd, as he was about to notify a few things before they set sail. "Welcome aboard Minerva everyone! Now, I'd like to give out a few safety precautions before we go," said the captain in a deep loud voice. If there's a fire, remain calm and gather here at this deck..." and on warned the captain. Dwane and Ray were both almost at the far end of the gathering crowd as they listened in silence.

With that many people around, Dwane didn't notice that the smiling lady from before was just behind him. "Hello there," the female voice whispered. Dwane spun around in surprise. With a smile, the woman continued, "Out on vacation are we?"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm making Dwane get into too many surprises here. Haha, I need to lower the suspense a bit I guess. Well, it's been a while since a new release. I've been totally off track! With a slap on my face, I hope you enjoy this new release. Take care!! =)


Kikuri-hime said...

I wonder what will happen next. Alaa... pendek sgtlaaa.... hehehe..

DANS said...

Haha..well, if I write too long it'll get draggy. And I'm still working on how to extend descriptions. =)

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