Thursday, September 4, 2008

Zero Degrees: Five

"Uwaa!" cried Dill as he almost stumbled for running too fast. The two spiders were just inches away from him, he could hear the weird and scary snarling of the beasts as if they were breathing right on his neck. Take and Tako clumsily got on their guard. They had their focus now locked on the spiders, not bothering that Dill had already went past them. "Too...late!" exclaimed Tako when the spiders suddenly made a headbutt towards them, sending the two armoured men flying through the wall. The spiders seemed to wail in triumph.

Dill had ran so fast, that he almost knocked Blaine over. "Uwaa, sorry..." apologised Dill towards his rescuer, breathing rather furiously. "No time for that kiddo," exclaimed Blaine with a smile. "We better get out too if we're not interested in becoming some spiders' lunch." Blaine was right about getting out. The spiders had already had their many eyes on them. Quickly, Blaine lifted Dill as if he were a feather and dashed outside through the already cracking main door.

"Too much energy will be wasted if I fight them there in a small area," thought Blaine to himself when both of them were outside. He tried to think of something as he placed Dill back on the ground. Glancing back at the tower, he saw that the place was crumbling and shaking. The spiders seemed to be stucked inside for a while, but they will manage to get free in a few moments if they continued to ram the tower's wall like that. A hand suddenly grabbed Blaine's arm.

"Mister..." said Dill in a trembled voice. He seemed to be in panic, unable to continue his speech. "Don't worry, it'll be alright," Blaine said assuringly. "What were you doing back there? I think you know that this place is dangerous. Besides, why were you being chased by the Stone Guards?"

Dill, still mustering up his composure, replied weakly, "I...went to take this." As he said this, he held up a piece of cloth. There seemed to be some scribblings on it. "My mother's will...asked me to collect these Scripts, to protect myself," he suddenly blurted out. Dill had finally calmed down as he talked of his mother. "That's why I ran away from the city under their control," explained the boy, pointing at a distance.

Blaine took a glance to where Dill had pointed. Two armoured men was standing some metres away from them, shaking their heads. Blaine grinned. "Ho, so they're still up eh?" As soon as he finished saying that sentence, the tower collapsed.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Battle time folks! Next issue would be my first time trying to write a 'three-way' type of battle, so I would like readers to be prepared with a wavy and confusing presentation. Well, Take's name has been confusing enough! Haha, enjoyyy...don't forget to drop in next time. =)

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