Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zero Degrees: Eight

"What is a Script?" One asked Dill when he told the villagers his purpose of running away from his well guarded hometown. He had been living there for the past ten years with his grandmother, when his mother left him for some sort of quest. And the day before his night escape, he received a letter from his mother asking him to find the Scripts left scattered all over the world. "Yeah, what is a Script?" another person repeated.

Dill shrugged. He himself was unsure, but he explained to the villagers exactly what his mother had written in the letter: You should know that in our blood lies the power of Melody, an ancient clan in the past. These Scripts, are actually musical notes on a parchment of paper said to give powers to any Melodies playing the notes. I want you to find these Scripts, and gain power to protect in this oppressing world.

That was it, and that night he had fled from his village. Now, Dill was standing there with the first Script in his hand ready to attack with any kind of power he would receive. "I'm not sure what would happen, but here goes," he said to himself as he opened the Script and read it. It wrote 'Whirlwind: Intro' at the top followed by a set of easy musical notes. With talent, he memorised the whole thing in one glance.

Take was entirely confident of himself that he let Dill do whatever he was doing. "This boy is already mine," he snickered as he took a look at Blaine who was still engaged with the spider. He was about to laugh out aloud when a sound, a music was suddenly played. Then he realised that Dill was already playing his flute. An unknown energy swirled around his. "What's this? This immense it another Sound Curse?" Take cried in shock. He clumsily moved into his attacking stance.

"Too late," Dill said with a smile as he finihed his tune. "This time I'll attack. Dodge! Whirlwind: Intro!!" he exclaimed, unleashing the energy that was gathered. Take lost his balance, and his feet left the ground. Soon he was airborne!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Wow! Such incredible power coming from the Script. I feel really relived knowing that I managed to construct such details in this issues battle. Hope you readers get the picture okay? Hehe, find out if Take has lost on the next entry of this title. And maybe I'd put in a bit info on the Melody clan. Until then, enjoyy your days!!

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Kikuri-hime said...

Ooo.. itu ke SCRIPT... So, in order to upgrade the skill, Dill has to collect the scriptlaa? OIC... I wonder What will happen to Take?!