Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zero Degrees: Six

The tower had fallen completely, and the spiders' screech made the air rattle. Take and Tako both had their eyes set on Blaine, ready for another round. Somehow, Take felt that the atmosphere was had changed. Before this, he seemed to be quite jumpy in the tower. Now, he seemed to be a lot calmer. What was going on? Blaine saw the confusion in Take's eyes, and chuckled. "You've realised? I had actually put a spell inside the tower, one of those Sound Curse. You know, through the music I whistled?"

Take scoffed. "Heh, you better be sorry now Blaine. When I'm a lot calmer, I rarely miss." He was about to make an attack, when the ground shook rather hard. With a grin, Blaine called out, "I think you better take care of that spider behind you first." The two Stone Guards spun around. One of the spiders was already behind the two guards, swiping one of its legs like a sword. They managed to dodge, and Take cursed under his mask.

The other spider however, ignored them and chased over to where Blaine and Dill were standing. Dill was starting to panic again. Blaine remained calm, and drew out a katana that had been hanging on his covered back. Looking at Dill with a smile, he said, "Listen. I'm going to fight this spider now, so you better watch out for that yellow guy if you're planning to still stay here. He's a mischievous one, and I think he's not planning on letting on any of us go. He will probably get after you first. Can I leave you to take care of yourself?" The spider had drawn closer, ready to swipe its sharp looking legs.

"Y..Yes!" Dill stammered. Blained chuckled. "Roger then!" he exclaimed as he swung his katana to block the spider's attack. The creature's leg bounced back with a loud clash, and it screeched in frustration. The spider lunged for another attack. This time, Blaine was ready to counter attack. Dodging the swipes, he made a tactical movement towards the spiders head creating multiple copies of himself. "Sword Strike: Illusionist Dance!" The attack hit two of the spider's many eyes, and it roared.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battle, the spider that was attacking the Stone Guards had its movement locked by Tako's clutch. Both the spider and Tako looked like they were having a sumo match. One moment Tako was being pushed, the next moment Tako was the one pushing the creature. Both seemed to be balanced in power. But where was Take?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: And the battle begins! I really am bad at naming attacking techniques, there seem to be missing the sizzle. I always wished I could create techniques like in 'HunterXHunter' or 'Samurai X'. Sigh...still a long way to go! Where is Take anyway? Find the answer in the next episode readers. Good day for now. Enjoyyy..!


Kikuri-hime said...

I think you should find your own techniqueslaa... u r good! u don't have to emulate anyone's style. U have it in u!

I like this one... naturally!

DANS said...


Haha..I guess I should start a journey to find my 'own' tech. Maybe I should write in symbols? (juz kidding..hehe)

Kikuri-hime said...

Err... this is a suggestion. Why don't you find someone who can draw very well to do a novel-manga out of this story u r doing. It would be great considering that u have an amazing imagination. seriously! it would be a waste if u leave it just like dat. or, you already have other plan in mind?

DANS said...'s quite hard finding a mangaka who's interested in another person's story. I've always dreamed sumthing like that would happen.

Haha..well, I guess I should just continue writing! =)