Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zero Degrees: Nine

Dill tried his best to maintain balance as he unleashed his attack. The power was too great for his small body to take as his body shook rather terribly. However, his will to defeat Take was as strong. Not for a moment he thought of stopping his attack despite his body's condition. On Take's side; he continued to lift up and up into the sky, tossing his body around wildly. He was confused at what was happening and desperately tries to get back to the ground. Eventually, his actions remained futile.

"W...what are going to do brat?" Take stammered out aloud. He sounded angry and scared at the same time. "You'll regret it if anything happens to me." Dill took a glance at the floating Take. Ignorining Take's threat, he smiled, "I'm going to fly you off somewhere far."

"What?" Take shouted when his armoured body began to suddenly shudder. Dill was now beginning to focus all his energy on his attack. and large amounts of waves began to flood around him. With a strenuous yell, Dill began to target all of the waves towards his airborne enemy. Take could not see the invisible energy coming towards him, but he realised it was no small matter. Still managing his balance on air, Take crossed his arm in front of him to block a direct hit.

"Uwahhh...!!!" Take screamed as Dill's wave knocked him hard. Blaine who was was watching the battle as he dodged every of his spider's attack, saw in amazement how Take was getting pushed farther and farther away from sight. It was as if a hurricane was blowing him away. Tako too watched in surprise. He was still engaged on a tugging war with one of the spiders, and as he saw Take getting blown away he called out loudly, "No! Take!" He continued to watch hopelessly until Take was blown out of sight!

Bad move. Focusing on Take made Tako lose his stance, and the spider began to push him to the side of the cliff. He desperately tried to push back, but it didn't work out. The spider's weight began to burden Tako's pushing arms. At that moment the side cliff under Tako's feet crumbled, and both him and the spider fell off into the ocean.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thus the battle comes to an end. Well, it's just the beginning of the story so maybe it's supposed to be like this. Short and not so intense. Now I'm currently on the verge of planning how to end season one of 'Zero Degrees', so continue to follow this series with the utmost interest okay? Take care readers! Enjoyyy...!


Kikuri-sen said...

"Dill was now beginning to focus all his energy on his attack. and large amounts of waves began to flood around him."

This is so vivid. I can almost imagine it happens in real-time...

If you don't mind, can I print out some of your entries. I would like to show them to my students... However, if you refuse, let me know. It's ok..

DANS said...

Sure! I don't mind at all...since it's for public viewing. I'd love it if my readers network expand. Hehe... =)