Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dwane VS The Enigma: #4

The young woman stood rather gracefully there on that deck. The blowing wind and the backround waves makes her look like she was some sort of beautiful painting up on a famous exhibition. Those pink lips curled up into a giggle, seeing how confused both Dwane and Ray were. "Hee, I'm sorry to have surprised you guys like that. The captain was getting draggy in his speech, so I thought a little conversation would save me from boredom," explained the lady in white. "My name is Sara."

Dwane just came to realise how mellow the voice that spoke to them. "I'm Dwane," he replied. "And I'm Ray," said Ray who began to giggle himself. After a few brief introductions, Sara repeated her question from before. "So, are you guys on a vacation?" As she asked this, she folded her arms and took off her shades. A pair of hazel eyes glistened under the sun, matching her hair.

Ray sighed. "Yeah, you could call it a vacation," he said in a tired manner. "Well, at least that's my purpose going there. My friend here is out on a picture outing. He's hunting for the most interesting pictures across the globe." Dwane felt like Ray was giving an introduction like he was a mysterious bachelor behind a curtain, waiting to be lifted. As Ray rambled on, Dwane took a moment to observe their mysterious new acquaintence who looked interested in the things Ray was telling her. She looks like a naive young girl, out to discover the world.

"What about you then?" Dwane asked when Ray had finished. It's true that he was a bit suspicious of the woman. Sara smiled. "Half of my purpose is for vacation. You know, sightseeing and meeting new people," she said in a cheerful manner. "The other half...lets just say I'm looking for something." She seemed to be a bit reluctant in saying that, but Dwane took no further notice as to respect her privacy. Ray only nodded solemnly towards her reply.

"I know, you're looking for that jibakurei right?" spoke an angry voice, butting in the conversation. All three of them looked around and noticed an old man standing not just far from them. His eyes glared at them. It's the staring man from before, said Dwane to himself. "What did he just say just now?

The wind suddenly stopped blowing as the captain finally finished his speech. "Everyone, just enjoy your cruise on Minerva! We'll get to Ghostly Land in no time."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some of the characters have been cast people. It's been a while since I descibed a female character, si I hope it's beauty is imaginable toward you readers. Hehe, the name 'Sara' sounds so angelic. Until next time folks! Get to know what a 'jibakurei' is next series...take care!!


Kikuri-hime said...

I think I know... hehehe.. kalau x silaplaa.. but don't worry my lips a sealed! No spoiler!

If you wanna make this into a movie, i suggest that Liv Tyler
should play sara... wishful thinking, huh?

DANS said...

Liv Tyler huh? Yeah2..she could be it, having that mysterious vibe in her eyes. Lol..

Always wishing for the best..hehe..