Saturday, September 13, 2008

Zero Degrees: Seven

Dill was quite amazed with Blaine's battle movements. It was both swift and tactical at the same time. Blaine had managed to avoid every attack from the spider, and also had given back numerous counter attacks. Strange green liquid was beginning to ooze away from the cuts on the spider's body. It roared in pain pain each time a hit landed. But it showed no sign of going down. The spider still kept on attacking Blaine wildly despite its injuries.

Dill was so in awe, that he seemed to have forgotten about his other enemy. Even though Blaine had reminded him to look out for Take, he didn't even realise that Take was no longer there where they last saw him. There was only Tako struggling a tugging war with the other spider, and that's it. Where had Take gone to?

"Fool. I'm already behind you and you still haven't notice," snickered Take silently. He had stealthily made his way around the battlefield, and was now facing Dill's back at a range where Dill could not sense his precense. Take was already in a stance to unleash his Blade Chop yet once again. "This time, I'll cut off one of your legs so that you can't run little brat," he thought to himself. He waited for a brief moment to focus.

Blaine, who was glancing towards Dill every few moments as he was dodging the spider's attack, noticed the glistening colour of yellow from Dill's back. "Kid, dodge!" he shouted. "Huh?" Dill who was focusing on Blaine's battle all this time, was surprised by the loud shot that he stumbled a few steps backwards. He felt something pass his legs, and it exploded on the ground. Dill spun around and saw Take, who was growling in frustration. Take's attack had missed, and he was saved by Blaine once again!

Blaine tried to get himself engaged with Take, but still standing spider blocked his way. "Damn it! Run kiddo, run!" he exclaimed as he dodged another swipe from the creature. Take chuckled. "Yeah brat, you better run. If you can that is."

Dill glared at the mocking Take. "Run? Don't make me laugh," he said in a serious tone. It seems that he had come to his senses. No more fear, no more fascination could be traced in his eyes. "I'm always saved by others. By mother, by this mister. Now, I'm going to save myself," as he said this, Dill took out a bronze flute from his jacket. "Be honoured Take. You're going to be the first enemy I'll use my Script on."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yeah, Dill is joining in the battle. Poor Tako, he doesn't even get a dialouge this past few episodes. Oh well, he does have a part later on in the story. Catch what ability Dill possess with the Script on the next release. Enjoyyy for now!

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Kikuri-hime said...

Whoaaaa... sugoi, ne! What is SCRIPT? 'O, the suspense!