Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dwane VS The Enigma: #5

There was at least an hour until their cruise get to shore, so Dwane had decided to take a tour around the huge yacht. Ray was feeling dizzy and wanted to take some rest at a cabin, while the newly acquainted Sara wanted to hang out at the dining area. So there was Dwane hovering at the side of the cruise, waving at people who greeted him. Even though he flashed a look as if he was enjoying the trip, something was bothering his mind.

"The jibakurei," said Dwane to himself. This was the word that had stunned him for a few moments before. He began to recall the time when the captain had finished his speech and everyone else had spread out. Only Ray, Sara, the elderly man and himself remained still. "You're looking for that, aren't you woman?" repeated the man. His rough voice could've matched the captain's if it was a bit louder. The man's face grew stern. "I warn you, that's a very dangerous quest."

Ray wore a confused look, while Dwane listened intently. Sara smiled innocently. "Mr Kitaro, I told you that my name was Sara. Plus, I never said I was looking for...whatever it was that you said," she replied. "I only said I was looking for something". The man Kitaro continued to stare at her. Then he said, with a warning tone, "I sense something upon you, something mischievious. You're hiding something. I hope that you're telling the truth when you said you're not looking for the jibakurei." He paused for a while, before adding slowly, "I don't want anyone else get involved with our battle."

With that, he turned around and walked away. Ray let out a sigh. "What was that all about?" he asked rather confusingly. "Yeah," chuckled Sara. "I don't even know what this jibakurei is." Both of them seemed amused at what just happened, but Dwane remained rather reserved. Ray was getting confused again. "What's wrong Dwane?"

"Jibakurei," he suddenly blurted out, as if he was lost in his thoughts just now. "It's a type of spirit, a Japanese term. It roughly means a type of spirit that is bound to a place, bound towards a piece of land..." his voice trailed off. He began to think. He had a bad feeling about this trip. Somehow, he began to seriously ponder about Mr Kitaro's warning.

Dwane was now at he deck again, looking up at the sky. An unknown storm seemed to be brewing up ahead.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Another short entry for the day. I think there are a few things that I could add here, but after editing it a few times I still couldn't bring myself to it. Oh well, guess this will do for now. Enjoyyy!! I'll try to come up with a much longer post for this series later, since I just finished a horror novel. Until next time then!

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